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Water Tank Truck

SINOTRUK HOWO Water Tanker Trucks for road construction ,build industry Factory price, more competitive than agent price

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1. Electrical automatic control, no need to get on and off, start and close operation, convenient

2. Front spray: there are 2 sprinklers at the front, which can be adjusted from front to rear, up and down, and the road is washed. The width is 5-10 meters.

3. After watering: there is a cylindrical sprinkler at the back, sprinkling and dust, covering the width of 14-18 meters
Antiaircraft gun: located on the operating platform, you can move in all directions, spray tall trees, emergency fire, the range of 30-40 meters

6×4 Water tanker truck

Sinotruk-HOWO Water-Truck.jpg


Descriptions & Specifications



SINOTRUK HOWO Water Tank Truck


Model: ZZ1257M4641W 

Capacity: 14,000L; Before spraying and rear sprinkle , With Operating platform and water cannon

Application: Road construction water

Cabin: HW76 with one bed & A/C

Engine: WD615.87,290HP EURO II

Transmission: HW19710+HW70 PTO

Steering: ZF8118 LHD

Front axle: HF7 drum type

Rear axle: ST16

Rim/Tires: 12R22.5 , 10 pcs and 1 spare tire

Dimension: 10350*2500*3100mm

4×2 Water tanker truck

water tanker truck.jpg


1)  Factory price, more competitive than agent price 

2)  Quality: With SINOTRUK group inspection system, a series inspections are well done before the exportation. 

3)  Warranty:  One year or 10000k which comes to the first for the engine, gear box,  and axles.

4)  After-sales: Professional after-sales team sovle your difficult or special questions   within 2 working days or 5 working days, and all spare parts are available    for your urgent use.

5)  Transportation: Professional logistics team work with international shipping company   for your truck shipment successfuly

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